Birthday celebrations

One year of blogging – Fifty posts

On 25 September 2010, I published my first blogpost:

Latin-Persian alliance on the way?

Deciding the first subject matter for a blog that deals with global events was difficult but Latin America is close to my heart and it seemed a natural place for me to begin. However, despite my intense interest in the region I have tried to offer a different perspective on a wide-range of world issues. Here is a selection of the countries whose affairs have been discussed right here:

Equatorial Guinea





Western Sahara

I have also confronted cross-border issues and here is a selection of those:

South China Sea disputes


Islamic policy in the European Union

Nobel Peace Prize

Female presidents in Latin America

African policy towards Colonel Gaddafi

Thank you everyone who has taken part, commented and read any of the 49 previous articles.

I will continue to cover as wide a range of international affairs as possible and I welcome guest articles on global matters.

I hope to return to Spain next month and Mexico next summer to report on the countries’ general elections and I am aiming to use this website to blog live from Madrid and Mexico City. I will use Facebook, YouTube and Twitter to supplement the blog coverage.

In the meantime, please feel free to get in touch and join in the world news conversation:

Twitter: @cullennews

Facebook: This is World News Analysis


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