MEXICO ELECTION IX – Rundown of polling day

Today Mexicans are going to the polls in a general election. This blog is live in the country covering the vote

The positions up for grabs are:

President, 128 Federal senators, 500 Federal MPs

State MPs, Municipal presidents (Mayors), Seven state governors (including mayoralty of Mexico City)

The parties standing are:

Citizens’ Movement (allied with PRD), Green Ecologist Party of Mexico (PVEM – allied with PRI), Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), Labour Party (PT – allied with PRD), National Action Party (PAN), New Alliance (PANAL), Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD)

0800 (All times are Mexico City local = +1 EDT, +6 BST, +13 CST) – The polling stations are opened by president of the station and readied for the day ahead, a process which will take about 15-20 minutes

0815ish – Voting begins once the stations are prepared, including ensuring officials from all parties are present in each station.

Left thumb will be inked for local votes; right thumb for national votes

1800ish – Voting ends (a few northern states are an hour behind and Baja Califonia Norte is on Pacific time) and classification and sorting of the votes begins. All names will have been tallied against registration lists and the president of the polling station will publish the official count and calculations of votes cast in the relevant station outside the booths. The ballot boxes will then be sent to a local counting centre where they will be checked, counted and entered into the Federal Electoral Institute (IFE)’s system from which the official results will be worked out.

1945ish – Preliminary exit polls expected

2345ish – Around this time, quite possibly into the early hours of Monday 2, the IFE will announce the projected results of the election in a televised address

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